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Welcome to Toddler Town

This academic program was specially created for children from 15 months to 2.9 years. The Toddler Town program does so much more than create an academic foundation for young children. This program also facilitates social interactions, beginning friendships, interpreting emotions, and experiencing the surrounding world. During our premier program, children will be challenged to develop new skills, improve existing skills, and be encouraged to celebrate when new achievements are reached. Our staff members are compassionate, knowledgeable, and approachable. Each staff member is dedicated to approaching every child with an open heart to shape the optimal setting for them to learn, laugh, and feel secure. Visit our school today and meet our extraordinary staff members!

New Location!

We are excited to open our dedicated toddler space, Toddler Town, at 14 Lexington Street! This new beautiful space will allow our toddlers to thrive and learn in the safety of their own building while still being a part of the larger Mount Hope community.

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A Typical Day at Toddler Town

When it comes to a toddler’s typical day, structure and consistency are crucial factors that come into play. Below, we’ve laid out a typical day in the Mount Hope Christian School Toddler Town program:


Apply Today!

Mount Hope Christian School is always looking to grow and expand its Toddler Town program. If you think your toddler might benefit from our premier program, apply today to get them enrolled as soon as possible. To learn more about the Toddler Town program or our school and staff, call or visit us today! We’d be happy to show you and your child around the property and introduce you to our warm and friendly staff members.

We are licensed by the department of early education & care (EEC).

Enroll Your Child Today