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The student experiences that occur within the various educational processes at Mount Hope Christian School are strongly connected to Christ. Our Christian curriculum provides our students with academics, skill-building, and an understanding of God and the Bible. We understand that each student has their own pace for learning, so we base our curriculum at the individual level. This ensures that each student receives the same education level, even if some students learn more quickly or more slowly than others. Our Christian curriculum gives students a solid educational foundation to expand upon over the years. Get in touch with the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Mount Hope Christian School to learn even more about our state-of-the-art curriculum.

Our Teaching Methods

Our curriculum provides our students and staff with academic strength and various opportunities. We provide students with small class sizes and low student-to-teacher ratios so that the students and teachers have a chance to develop deep and lasting bonds. We also have classes set up in this way to encourage more hands-on learning. The teaching methods at Mount Hope Christian School are focused on individual student learning with the intent to give each student a strong educational foundation. Our various programs’ daily schedules maximize learning while remaining flexible for the individual class needs.

Our Experienced Staff

Our experienced staff members are highly-trained and well-educated. Each is additionally passionate about childcare and child education. You will likely find no better educators through Burlington, MA who are as committed to Christian education and ministry as the staff at Mount Hope Christian School. Each of our staff members strives to teach children in the name of Jesus Christ. If you or your child are interested in meeting our exceptional staff members, we encourage you to call or visit us at your earliest convenience.

We are licensed by the department of early education & care (EEC).

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