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Preschool Curriculum Overview

Preschool is an opportunity for your child to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, and spiritually as an individual. Each unit and activity in our program promotes growth in all of these areas. Since our program is based on the development of the whole child, we expose the children to various themes and activities.

little girl raising her hand

Are you familiar with the book We Are All Alike—We Are All Different? It is a classroom favorite of mine, and I believe it speaks for the teachers here at Mount Hope Christian School.

We are “all alike” in our commitment to excellence in teaching and loving your child. We are “all different” in our style and presentation of these two components.

Within the parameters of our curriculum, the teachers enjoy creative freedom, and this makes Mount Hope unique.

— Jen Benson, Early Childhood Director

Social and Interactive Play

Social and interactive play (playtime) is provided to enable your child to face social situations in a correct and confident manner. It is during this time that your child experiences creative play and many opportunities for social development and awareness, as well as problem solving and sharing skills. Self-confidence is built through success in both playtime and in academics. Activities are geared to challenge creativity and help your child build skills to better understand the world around him/her. There are many “centers” provided for your child to explore and learn, such as the sand table, painting easel, dramatic play area (housekeeping and puppet theater), and a train table. There are also educational manipulatives such as the letter and shape magnet board, a counting numbers exercise, and various other games that enhance fine motor skills.

Circle Time

Circle time is where we get to know each other in a structured way. This is an important part of our daily routine, as it gives the children an opportunity to develop and practice problem-solving skills; strengthen language development through vocabulary, listening and speaking; storytelling; and music skills are introduced (such as singing games, motor skills, dramatization, simple play party games and the beginning of rhythm–steady beat, clapping, walking, etc.). Circle time is where we learn what day it is, how to read a calendar, learn the importance of jobs by having a job each day, recognizing what the weather is each day, reading a book, telling Bible stories, singing songs, going over letters and numbers, counting the number of children at circle for attendance introduces math, teaching on the letter of the week and/or a related topic, show and tell time, and question/answer/sharing time with the children, praying, and reciting the pledge of allegiance.

Snack/Lunch Time

Snack or lunch time is a great time for children to interact together. This is a wonderful time to enjoy both new and old friends. Children with food allergies also have a safe place to enjoy their snack and lunch as well as being with their friends.

Outdoor Play

Outdoor play is a great opportunity to develop gross motor skills (running, jumping, climbing, digging) as well as oral expression, self-esteem, self-control, and sensitivity to diversity.

teaching fossil class
Instructional Time

Instructional time includes hands-on-projects (cutting, painting, cooking) which not only reinforce the day’s teaching and related topics but also helps the children learn to follow directions, develop problem solving skills, develop their fine motor skills, take turns, recognize numbers and letters, recognize shapes and colors, and to socialize with the other children. Two or three “centers” are set up with the children moving from station to station upon completing their lessons. This is the time when the children work on a craft or letter page to take home or put up on the wall to display for their parents.

Broaden Your Child’s Experiences

To broaden your child’s experiences, off-site instructors/demonstrators come to the school for a presentation to all the classrooms. Some field trips away from the school are planned for the older four-year olds.

Your child is exposed to many “fun” activities. We include special celebrations (Apple Festival, Valentine Parties, etc.) into our yearly activities. Throughout our lessons, we have opportunities to integrate Bible stories and ASCI Purposeful Design Bible curriculum. It is so important for the children to know that there is a loving God who takes care of them and who loves each one of them. We consider it a privilege to teach your child. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your family.

All preschool classrooms develop a portfolio of your child’s experiences and development throughout the year. Music is included throughout the year in songs that enhance the themes of each classroom.

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