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Welcome to Our Premier Preschool Program

This academic program was specially created for children from 2.9 years to those entering kindergarten. Our high quality preschool program allows children to develop socially, emotionally, intellectually, physically, spiritually, and individually. Each unit and activity in our program promotes growth in these areas. Since our program is based on the development of the whole child, we expose the children to various themes and activities to ensure development.

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We Believe That Literacy Is The Foundation

At Mount Hope, we believe that literacy is the foundation for the rest of a child’s education. In order to fully prepare our preschoolers for their future education, A reading curriculum entitled Little Treasure along with Lively Letters, published by Macmillian/McGraw-Hill, are innovative programs and tools that empower students foundational reading skills and comprehension. The program is a developmentally-appropriate, research-based Pre-K curriculum. It is designed to prepare our 3- and 4-year olds for the academic and social demands of kindergarten. In addition, we utilize Universal Test Tools – PELI (Preschool Early Literacy Indicator) to monitor student progress throughout the year.

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A Typical Day at Our Preschool Program

When it comes to a preschooler’s typical day, structure and consistency are crucial factors that come into play. Below, we’ve laid out what a typical day in the Mount Hope Christian School preschool program looks like:


Apply to Our Premier Preschool Program Today!

Our preschool program aims to empower and support students in achieving academic excellence as they quest for God’s highest and best plan for their life. During their time at Mount Hope Christian School, we will identify their academic and behavioral needs, implement plans for active change and assistance where possible, and support our students’ parents by serving as educational advocates for their children. We offer the students at Mount Hope Christian School endless possibilities for learning and growth from one-on-one education to small-group education. To learn more about our outstanding preschool program, or to learn more about our school and staff, call or visit us today!

We are licensed by the Department of Early Education & Care (EEC).

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