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Welcome to Our After-School Enrichment Program

At Mount Hope Christian School, we are proud to serve your children both before, during, and after school. Our optional after-school enrichment program provides our students with an academic edge that helps them enhance their educational prowess. We are committed to offering various programs that cater to the individual needs and gifts of each of our unique students. We use a class-grouping system to ensure our programs are tailored to the appropriate academic level. While we have specific programs offered to higher-grade levels only, there is something for everyone at our after-school enrichment program.

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The Benefits of Our After-School Enrichment Program

When it comes to the optional after-school enrichment program at Mount Hope Christian School, there are plenty of benefits for both students and their parents to enjoy. After school, we offer a wide variety of various enrichment programs, such as our STEM program, Destination Imagination, Planets, Strings Course, Sports, and Homework Hour. We also offer our after-school programs in three sessions: fall, winter, and spring. Each session lasts eight weeks. Some of our courses include cooking, soccer, karate, dance, crafts, sports, handbells, and so many more! Other courses, such as All God’s Children and Homework Hour run throughout the year.

Apply for Our After-School Enrichment Program Today!

The after-school enrichment program at Mount Hope Christian School is dedicated to serving students and their parents’ needs. Whether you need your child looked after a little earlier in the morning or a little later in the evening, we can help. To learn more about our after-school enrichment program, or to learn more about our school and staff, call or visit us today! We would be happy to give you a tour.

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