Typical Day Kindergarten

A Typical Day at Mount Hope Kindergarten!

(Times may vary for each teacher, but all sub­jects are includ­ed in each class­room.)

8:30–8:45      Inter­ac­tive Free Play
Dur­ing this time the chil­dren are allowed time to play with sev­er­al dif­fer­ent toys and activ­i­ties cho­sen by the teacher for var­i­ous skills to be worked on.

8:45–9:30      Cir­cle Time and Hand­writ­ing
1. Pledge to flag.
2. Open­ing prayer—memory verse and group devo­tions.
3. Cal­en­dar and count­ing chart (1–100).
4. Intro­duce the the­me of the day.

9:00–9:15       Bible (includ­ing class­room prayer requests)

9:30–10:00    Snack/D.E.A.R. (Drop Every­thing and Read) Time

10:00–10:30  Lan­guage Arts
Cur­ricu­lum: teacher’s accu­mu­la­tive mate­ri­als includ­ing visu­al, tac­tile and audi­to­ry aids; Big books—both com­mer­cial and class made.

Skills taught:
1. Phon­ics
2. Rhyming
3. Cause and effect
4. Sequenc­ing of sto­ries
5. Sto­ry com­pre­hen­sion
6. Fol­low­ing direc­tions.
(Whole Lan­guage and phon­ics is the basis of Kindergarten’s Lan­guage Arts.)

Intro­duce let­ter of the week:
1. Teach let­ter recog­ni­tion
2. Cap­i­tal and low­er case
3. Let­ter sound
4. Pic­ture match with let­ter sound
5. Sound recog­ni­tion of let­ter in begin­ning
6. Mid­dle and end of words such as bat, table, cab
7. For­ma­tion of cap­i­tal and low­er case let­ter
8. Poem or song to go with let­ter
9. Drill the Alpha­bet Train with sound for sequence of let­ters, for let­ter
part­ners and for sounds such as Aa, Bb, Cc, etc.

10:30–11:00 Recess

11:00–11:45   Cen­ter Work Time
1.Math activ­i­ty cen­ter
2.Language activ­i­ty cen­ter
3.Journal writ­ing cen­ter
4.Art activ­i­ty cen­ter

11:45–12:15   Math
Cur­ricu­lum: Math Manip­u­la­tives used to teach all con­cepts, which are:
1.Shapes, pat­tern­ing
2.Number recog­ni­tion (1–100)
3.Number of sequenc­ing and con­cept of num­bers
4.Place val­ue
5.Graphing, sort­ing
6.Problem solv­ing
8.Time, mon­ey
9.Addition and sub­trac­tion (1–5)12:15–1:00 Bathroom/Lunch/1:00 Dis­missal

1:00–1:30   Rest time/D.E.A.R. (Drop Every­thing and Read) Time

1:30–2:00   Recess

2:00–2:15    Pre­pare for dismissal/P.M. Recess