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“The Anchor Glow Run”


The Anchor Glow Run kicking off on March 2nd! Our goal this year is to raise $30,000 for Phase 2 of our playground enhancement, and updating technology, as well as to strengthen our school and community!

We’re excited for this fundraising experience because it offers 3 things to our school: a powerful fundraising platform, a character enrichment program AND a fitness focused event that includes all of our students, regardless of your family’s financial participation.

As a family, you will work together asking family and friends to donate to your student for every lap that they complete at our Glow Run event on March 13th. All students will complete 35 Fitness Minutes! The best part is you can still support our school just by SHARING about the event.

⏰ WE STILL HAVE TIME ⏰ Open for ONE more week!



Do not miss out and registering if you haven’t already. The event will remain open for another week for any late registrations or donations that need to be made. Just visit


What is The Anchor Glow Run (Mount Hope Christian)?

The Anchor Glow Run (Mount Hope Christian) is a 12-day program and is this semester’s biggest fundraiser, taking place on 03/13/2023. Families will be getting donations for the laps their student completes at The Anchor Glow Run (Mount Hope Christian). Funds raised from this event go toward phase 2 of our playground enhancement and updating technology upgrades! Our goal is to raise $30,000.


How can families register their student(s)?

First, families log in or sign up on MYBOOSTER.COM. Then, families can register their student as a participant on MYBOOSTER.COM by searching for the school by name. Students get a FREE prize just for being registered.


How can students get donations?

Families can help connect students to sponsors by sharing their fundraising link on Facebook, through email, or even a text. Sponsors can enter and pay for those donations online through students’ fundraising link!


Will my student really complete 20 fitness minutes?

Yes, even kindergartners! The students will complete depending on the age group, anywhere between 10-20 fitness minutes during the glow run. They will run, walk, and dance around the track. The most any student will be counted for we estimate is 10-15 laps.


Can students receive a prize for flat donations?

Yes! All flat donations count toward donations and are rounded by 30 (the average student will complete over 30 laps. So, a $30 donation is the same as $1 per lap. A $60 donation is the same as $2 per lap, etc.


How do sponsors pay?

Sponsors will be prompted to pay online for all donations, even per lap donations. Sponsors will receive an email after The Anchor Glow Run (Mount Hope Christian) with the amount of their payment based on how many laps were completed. 


Can I make a donation if I don’t want to pay online?

YES! You can either turn in the payment for a donation listed on the Fundraising Guide, or you can request to turn off online payments for your account through our help desk on MYBOOSTER.COM.


When is donation money due?

Donation money is due within ONE WEEK after the event. Families have one week to collect their donations after The Anchor Glow Run (Mount Hope Christian)


Can I write a check?

For donations not made on MYBOOSTER.COM, you can still turn in cash or check.

Please make checks out to: Mount Hope Christian School

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