Year End Giving

As we reflect on all the things we are thank­ful for this year as a school, we are grate­ful most of all that you and your fam­i­ly are a part of the Mount Hope com­mu­ni­ty. Your sup­port and gen­eros­i­ty are appre­ci­at­ed more than we can pos­si­bly express. 

As you know, the mis­sion of MHCS is to edu­cate the child as a whole. We feel that chil­dren should be devel­op­ing in the fol­low­ing five areas: aca­d­e­m­i­cal­ly, social­ly, phys­i­cal­ly, emo­tion­al­ly and, most impor­tant­ly, spir­i­tu­al­ly. Our stu­dents are being trans­formed dai­ly into the image of Christ through the com­bined efforts of both the home and school to become tomorrow’s lead­ers.

You may won­der, why am I asked to con­tribute to Mount Hope out­side of tuition? Annu­al gifts sup­port the peo­ple and pro­grams that make Mount Hope Chris­tian School spe­cial. This means gift­ed teach­ers, small­er teacher/student ratios and excep­tion­al aca­d­e­mic resources. To remain acces­si­ble to more fam­i­lies, we keep tuition low­er than the actu­al cost of a student’s edu­ca­tion and the school relies on con­tri­bu­tions from a vari­ety of donors to cov­er the gap in the oper­at­ing bud­get. The­se funds allow us to advance the build­ing and pro­grams in ways we would oth­er­wise not be able to. Every gift, no mat­ter the size, makes a dif­fer­ence.