Typical Day Toddler

8:00–9:00     Arrival and Free Play (an impor­tant time for the child to tran­si­tion from home to school)

Explor­ing Cen­ters for cre­ative play, social devel­op­ment, hands-on activ­i­ties, dra­mat­ic play (role-play­ing), shar­ing skills
Games and manip­u­la­tives for fine motor, pre-read­ing skills, and match­ing, sort­ing, clas­si­fy­ing skills

9:00–10:00    Snack and Recess

10:00              Cir­cle Time

Cir­cle Time is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty for the chil­dren to get to know each oth­er in a struc­tured way.   It is an impor­tant part of the dai­ly rou­tine as it
gives  the chil­dren space to devel­op and prac­tice prob­lem solv­ing skills; strength­en lan­guage devel­op­ment through vocab­u­lary build­ing,  learn­ing
how  to lis­ten and speak respect­ful­ly to their peers, all with­in the con­text of singing, rhyming and sto­ry­telling.

11:00            Recess/Gym

11:30            Lunch

12:00           Sto­ry and Rest Time

3:00             Music and Move­ment, Sen­so­ry Play and Free Choice Time

4:30              Dis­missal for Tum­bling Tod­dlers  (Option­al extend­ed day is avail­able till 6 pm)



In addi­tion to our every day pro­gram­ing, we also have a vari­ety of enrich­ment activ­i­ties that hap­pen through­out the year.

Spir­i­tu­al Empha­sis    Fire Safe­ty Day   Farm Ani­mal Vis­it   Pump­kin Dec­o­rat­ing  Har­vest Par­ties  Thanks­giv­ing Feast   Fun in the Snow
Mail­ing Valen­ti­nes   Curi­ous Crea­tures  East­er Egg Hunt   May Day Cel­e­bra­tion  Pumper­nick­el Pup­pet Show