The preschool pro­gram uses the ASCI Pur­pose­ful Design Bible cur­ricu­lum. This cur­ricu­lum focus­es on the foun­da­tion­al teach­ings from the Bible about the nature and char­ac­ter of God, the qual­i­ties of His peo­ple, and His church. Stu­dents are given an overview of the Bible, with an empha­sis on God’s attrib­ut­es, bib­li­cal char­ac­ters, the ear­ly Church, and what it means to know Jesus Christ and live for Him.  It is divid­ed into month­ly themes.




In the Begin­ning
Unit: Self

Jesus loves every­one.
Unit: World around us

Unit: Harvest/Thanksgiving

Unit: Birth of Christ

Going Fish­ing
Unit: Win­ter

Grow­ing Up
Unit: Nutri­tion and Health

Vis­its with Jesus.
Unit: Nature

Unit: East­er

Adven­tures with God.
Unit: Self-Esteem/Feelings