Kindergarten Curriculum


It is our belief that all truth is God’s truth. Thus, the Chris­tian makes no dis­tinc­tion between the truth of the sacred and sec­u­lar. Truth is part of the very nature of God; indeed, the Lord Jesus said, “I am the truth …” (John 14:6). So, in our selec­tion of text­books, we are look­ing for the most appro­pri­ate for our school, whether they be sacred or sec­u­lar.

Stan­dards for M.H.C.S. Cur­ricu­lum:

•That the lan­guage and con­tent be sup­port­ive of the Chris­tian faith.
•That the aca­d­e­mic qual­i­ty of the cur­ricu­lum be supe­ri­or.

Sci­ence & Social Stud­ies Read­ing & Lan­guage Math Bible
  • We are Spe­cial
  • Fam­i­lies
  • Friends
  • Trans­porta­tion
  • Food
  • Ani­mals
  • Neigh­bor­hood
  • Weath­er
  • Plants
  • Amaz­ing Crea­tures
  • What I Know



*Hol­i­days are taught accord­ing to the cal­en­dar.

The fol­low­ing skills are cov­ered  in each unit through­out the year:

  • Lis­ten­ing Com­pre­hen­sion
  • Com­pre­hen­sion
  • High Fre­quen­cy Words
  • Phone­mic Aware­ness
  • Phon­ics
  • Con­cept Words
  • Com­pare & Sort Objects, Chp. 1
  • Use Num­bers 0–5, Chp. 2
  • Describe Posi­tion & Pat­terns, Chp. 3
  • Use Num­bers to 10, Chp. 4
  • Con­struct & Use Graphs, Chp. 5
  • Use Num­bers to 20, Chp. 6
  • Com­pare Mea­sure­ments, Chp. 7
  • Use Num­bers beyond 20, Chp. 8
  • Mod­el Addi­tion, Chp. 11
  • Mod­el sub­trac­tion, Chp. 12
  • Use Time, Chp.9
  • Describe Geo­met­ric Fig­ures, Chp. 10
• Creation
• Adam and Eve
• Cain and Abel
• The Story of Noah
• The Tower of Babel
• Abraham and Isaac
• Jacob and Esau
• Story of Joseph
• Story of Moses
• Israel in the Desert
• Joshua and Jericho
• Samson
• King Solomon
• Elisha the Prophet
• Story of Daniel
• Jonah and the Great Fish
• Life of Jesus
• Story of Paul
• Learning from God’s Word


Sub­ject Text­books Oth­er
Sci­ence Sci­ence Fusion  by Houghton Mif­flin teacher demon­stra­tion kits
Lan­guage Trea­sures by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill with work­books for each 10 units Big Books and lev­eled read­ers
Hand­writ­ing MacMillian/McGraw-Hill
Math Math Con­nects Macmillan/McGraw-Hill class­room coun­ters and manip­u­la­tives
Bible Pos­i­tive Action Bible Cur­ricu­lum Learn­ing About God The­me