Grade 5


Sub­ject Text­books Oth­er
Sci­ence Sci­ence Fusion 5 by Houghton Mif­flin
Read­ing Trea­sures by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Read and Think by A Beka
Lan­guage Trea­sures by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Our World of Lan­guage by Sil­ver Bur­dett Ginn
Spelling Spelling by Pur­pose­ful Design
Phon­ics Word Study by Mod­ern Cur­ricu­lum Press
Math Math­e­mat­ics 5 by Scott Fores­man Speed Drills by A Beka
Social Stud­ies Old World His­to­ry and Geog­ra­phy by A Beka
Bible Pos­i­tive Action Bible Cur­ricu­lum Pos­sess­ing the Land The­me