It is our belief that all truth is God’s truth. Thus, the Chris­t­ian makes no dis­tinc­tion between the truth of the sacred and sec­u­lar. Truth is part of the very nature of God; indeed, the Lord Jesus said, “I am the truth …” (John 14:6). So, in our selec­tion of text­books, we are look­ing for the most appro­pri­ate for our school, whether they be sacred or sec­u­lar.

Stan­dards for M.H.C.S. Cur­ricu­lum:

•That the lan­guage and con­tent be sup­port­ive of the Chris­t­ian faith.
•That the aca­d­e­mic qual­ity of the cur­ricu­lum be supe­rior.